Why do I feel like I live in an increasingly disconnected future?

It seems that despite the rapidly accelerated growth of science and technology, and a greater interconnectivity between human beings than ever before, I feel that in some sort of strange paradox the world becomes increasingly disconnected. Or maybe that’s how I feel from the rest of civilization: alienated. The net hasn’t really allayed this feeling of alienation.

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Freak accident… or scientific conspiracy?

Sometimes shit happens and we find someone to take responsibility for it. Sometimes we hold these people legally, economically, socially, politically responsible, or what have you. In some cases you just cannot. That’s the way life is. For instance, if you hear from your local weatherman on television that it was going to be sunny all day and decided to host an outdoor barbeque, and the weatherman turned out to be dead wrong, and ruined your day along with everyone else’s.

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