Arguably speaking…

I had a “debate”, so to speak, with a Christian today. When he asked me why I no longer believed in the existence of God, I replied, “Because it’s bullshit.” I suppose it was a bit callously delivered, but I had planned to follow the remark with reasons. However, before I was even given a chance to explain myself, my acquaintance (we will call him John), red-faced and irate, nearly yelled, “If you consider yourself so well-read [note: I do not], if you’ve read,” and he listed a bunch of thinkers whom I was supposedly familiar with [note: I was familiar with many of them], “why do you find the need to swear and show disrespect?”

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Shall I preach or shall I shut up?

The question is often asked: “Why do you care?” Why shouldn’t I care? Why can’t I be ignorant and apathetic? Indeed, why do I care so much if a man or a woman is religious? Why can’t I be like other passive atheists and leave it well alone?

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